Monacom Chicken 田园鸡 (Ordinary Packaging 普通包装)

Monacom Chicken 田园鸡 (Ordinary Packaging 普通包装)

Monacom Chicken 田园鸡 (Ordinary Packaging 普通包装)

RM33.00 - RM37.00
Type (切法):

Monacom Chicken 田园鸡
>Korean farming technlogy 韩国养殖技术
  • Free range chicken, fed with nutritionally rich diet (organic feed, fermented feed, self-grown crops); neither injected with meat growth factors (estrogen) / hormones nor antibiotics. 纯天然自由走动、食用有机饲料及农场自栽农作物、发酵饲料等;无喂食用化学成分长肉饲料。
  • The environment is odourless (can visit our farm). 饲养环境无臭无味(可到农场参观)。
  • Music will be played during the breeding period, so that the chicken can live easily without pressure, tension and other emotions. 自小养殖期间会播放音乐、以致鸡只能够无压 迫、紧张等情绪,能够轻松自在生活。
>Grown at natural pace (At least 3 months before selling). 养殖至少三个月才售卖。
>The meat is firm, low fat and more suitable for who are doing confinement or having health problem. 肉质结实、少油,更适坐月子/健康出现问题的人食用。

Monacom Chicken - Although they stocking on the ground, there are foods such as insects and fruits under the forest, but these are far from enough, and other food still needs to be fed manually. But feeding is food not fed feed.
Monacom田园鸡 - 虽然为放养走地,林下有虫、果等食物,但这些远 远不够,仍然需要人工投喂其它粮食。但投喂是粮食不饲喂饲料。

Feed ingredients are bean curd residue, pure rice, achovies head corn,
shredded coconut,soy flour, Hermetia illucens L, Leaves of Moringa oleifera, Chinese Pennisetum anf etc.

饲料基本原料包括: 豆腐渣、粹米、江鱼仔头、玉米、椰丝、豆粉、黑水虻、辣木叶、马草(牧草)等。

○RM33/M size
○RM37/L size


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