A duct rodder, also known as a cable pulling rod or fish tape, is a tool used for routing and installing cables in ducts, pipes, or conduits. It's particularly useful in situations where it's challenging to directly pull or push cables through tight spaces.

"Duct Rodder 300M 15MM" likely refers to a specific type of duct rodder with a length of 300 meters and a diameter of 15 millimeters. This specification implies that the duct rodder is designed to handle cable installation tasks over longer distances and within ducts or conduits with relatively small diameters.

The duct rodder is usually made of a flexible rod material that is strong yet lightweight, allowing it to navigate through twists, turns, and obstacles within the ducts. It often comes with various attachments and accessories to assist in the cable installation process.

If you're considering using or purchasing a duct rodder of this type, make sure to verify its specifications, quality, and compatibility with the specific cable installation tasks you have in mind.

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